The Center works with other institutes at the Graduate Center of CUNY in order to maximize the consideration of ethical and normative issues in research and curricular contexts, as well as in lectures, colloquia and conferences. It seeks joint sponsorship of activities where possible with the various units of the University regarding the specific applications of ethics and politics that concern them, and also with certain established centers and programs in the greater New York area, and outside the region as well. Through its affiliation with the Ralph Bunche Institute, the Center seeks to establish connections with diplomats and policy makers at the United Nations and with local human rights and humanitarian groups.

Other linkages have been established with institutions in the greater DC area, including the Center for Global Ethics at George Mason University (which was founded by Prof. Gould and is now directed by Prof. Andrew Light), the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland, and the Center for Democracy and Civil Society at Georgetown, as well as with the Olssen Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Virginia. Internationally, the Center participates in the work of the International Global Ethics Association and cooperates with the Center for the Study of Global Ethics at the University of Manchester as well as with the Global Cities Institute at RMIT in Australia.

To collaborate with us in dealing with the pressing global issues, or to provide needed support for the Center’s colloquia and other public programs, please contact us at cgep [at]

We will be very grateful for your support of our research and public outreach on the important range of issues involved in global ethics and politics.

Image Credits: Michael Gould-Wartofsky