The Center for Global Ethics and Politics is a network for research, colloquia, and curricular development on key issues of contemporary life including:

  • Globalization and justice
  • Intercultural perspectives on ethics
  • Human rights
  • Cosmopolitan democracy

We invite you to learn more about our research and events in the pages that follow, to collaborate with us in our efforts to clarify the requirements of global justice and human rights, and to discern possible ways of strengthening the institutions of global governance and transnational forms of democracy and solidarity.


Oppression, Violence, and Corruption: Fighting the Oil Curse

Leif Wenar

King's College London

06:30 pm, Skylight Room (9100)


The Humble Cosmopolitan

Luis Cabrera

Griffith University (Australia)

06:30 pm, C205


Civil Disobedience, Democracy, and Collective Action

Robin Celikates

University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

06:30 pm, 9204


A Feminist Foreign Policy: The Case of Canada

Fiona Robinson

Carleton University (Canada)

06:30 pm, 9206


Automation, Unemployment, and Taxation

Tom Parr

University of Essex (UK) and Princeton University Center for Human Values

06:30 pm, 9205


Isaiah Berlin: A Judaism between Decisionism and Pluralism

Seyla Benhabib

Yale University


Do we Need a Global Criminal Justice?

Daniele Archibugi

Birkbeck University of London


Economic Duties and Economic Justice: Why Philosophers Need to Think About How Things Work in the World

Joseph Carens

University of Toronto


Basic Income, Climate Change, and Degrowth

Michael Howard

The University of Maine


Jews, Palestinians & Israel: Three Moralities, Three Historiographies, and Three Roadmaps

Chaim Gans

University of Tel Aviv