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Seyla Benhabib, “Isaiah Berlin. A Judaism between Decisionism and Pluralism”

Daniele Archibugi, “Do we Need a Global Criminal Justice?”

Joseph Carens“Economic Duties and Economic Justice: Why Philosophers Need to Think About How Things Work in the World”

Michael Howard, “Basic Income, Climate Change, and Degrowth”

Chaim Gans“Jews, Palestinians & Israel: Three Moralities, Three Historiographies, and Three Roadmaps”


Patricia Mindus, “European Citizenship after Brexit”

Thom Brooks, “Rethinking Just War”

Kristin Surak, “Elite Mobility in an Unequal World: The Commodification of Citizenship”

David Ciepley, “Member Corporations, Property Corporations, and Constitutional Rights”

Michael Walzer, “Global Government and the Politics of Pretending”

Alan Patten, “Self-Determination for National Minorities”


Jennifer Rubenstein,Between Samaritans and States: The Political Ethics of Humanitarian INGOs

Jamie Mayerfeld, “Why Constitutional Government Requires International Human Rights Law

Melissa Schwartzberg, “Civil Juries and Democratic Legitimacy

Charles W. Mills, “Race and Global Justice

Mathias Risse, “Global Political Philosophy and Carl Schmitt’s Friend-Enemy Distinction

Axel Honneth, “Three, not Two, Concepts of Liberty: A Proposal to Enlarge Our Moral Self-Understanding


Diana T. Meyers, “Victims of Trafficking, Reproductive Rights, and Asylum

Neil Walker, “Constraining Global Politics: The Limits of Global Law

John Dryzek, “Democratic Agents of Justice

Robert Talisse, “Epistemic Democracy for the Real World

Nadia Urbinati, “On the Meaning of the ‘Crisis of Democracy‘”

Brooke Ackerly, “The Intersection of Global Economic, Environmental, and Gender Justice


Fiona Robinson, “Rethinking Human Security Through the Lens of Care

New Directions in Participatory Democracy
Kyle Pows Whyte, “Climate Justice, Indigenous Governance, and Deliberative Democracy
Michael Menser, “Agency, Inequality, and Participation: NYC After Hurricane Sandy
Ken Estey, “Solidarity and Equality in the Democratic Workplace: The Case of BeyondCare

Thomas G. Weiss, “Humanitarian Business

Amy Allen, “Adorno, Foucault, and the End of Progress: De-Colonizing Critical Theory”

Ian Shapiro, “Democracy Against Republicanism


Azizah al-Hibri and Mucahit Bilici, “Developing Islamic Jurisprudence in the Diaspora

Rainer Forst and Adam Etinson, “Toleration and Democracy

Abdullahi An-Na’im and Andrew March, “Beyond Minority Politics: American Muslims and Citizenship

Seyla Benhabib, “Transnational Legal Spheres and the Construction(s) of Cultural Difference” and Ayelet Shachar, “Entangled: Gender, Religion, and Human Rights

Philippe Schmitter and Michael Menser, “The Future of ‘Real-Existing’ Democracy

Carol Gilligan and Virginia Held, “Reframing the Conversation about Difference: The Contribution of Care Ethics

Akeel Bilgrami and Uday S. Mehta, “Liberal Politics and the Moral Psychology of Identity

Raphael Gross, “Kristallnacht: 1938 and Herschel Grynszpan

Will Kymlicka, “Animal Rights, Multiculturalism, and the Left


Maeve Cooke, “Violating Neutrality? Religious Validity Claims and Democratic Legitimacy

Christian Barry, “Benefitting from the Wrong-doing of Others: The Case of International Trade

Thomas Pogge, “Gender and the Measurement of Poverty


Seyla Benhabib, “The Emergence of New Sites of Justice and Rights: Changing Configurations

Hauke Brunkhorst, “Revolution and Evolution of Cosmopolitan Constitutionalism

Thomas Christiano, “State Consent and the Legitimacy of International Institutions

Thomas Weiss and Martin Burke, “Legitimacy, Identity, and the Climate Change Crisis: Moving from International to World Society?

Pablo Gilabert, “Humanist and Political Perspectives on Human Rights